Android: SMS Controlled App to Upload 10 Sec Audio Record


This is mainly a back-end app. When the user sends a particular SMS to the phone i.e. ‘RECORD_APP_10‘, the app blocks the SMS notification and records a 10 sec audio. This audio is then uploaded to an FTP server.


  1. AsyncTask is used to perform a task in the background, without manipulating the current thread.
  2. BroadcastReceiver can be used as a event listener.
  3. Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED is used to get notification of received SMS.
  4. Using Handlers to control myRecorder object i.e stop after 10 sec .



  1. Broadcast Receivers simply responds to broadcast messages from other applications or from the system itself.These messages are sometime called events or intents.
    For example, system initiates broadcasts to let other applications know when an SMS is received.
  2. We are creating a custom SMS receiver to check if the SMS received matches with our phrase and perform the actions.
  3. The FTP uploader.
  4.  Giving Priority for SMS Receiver in Android Manifest.


As this is Back End Application, there won’t be any app icon shown. It will work in the background, when the custom message is received.