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How to use GreenDao in android studio?

Here you will learn, how to integrate GreenDao with android studio. GreenDao is used for accessing local sql database into your android application. We will be creating a log app, that saves user text in the database.Lets get started. If you have any confusions, please feel free to download the entire project….

Android: SMS Controlled App to Upload 10 Sec Audio Record

OBJECTIVE :- This is mainly a back-end app. When the user sends a particular SMS to the phone i.e. ‘RECORD_APP_10‘, the app blocks the SMS notification and records a 10 sec audio. This audio is then uploaded to an FTP server….

How to use navigation drawer & tabbed activity in Android Studio

New to Android Studio? Want to know how use Navigation drawer activity or Tabbed activity in your Android project. Don’t know where to start for Androids materialistic design? Then you are in the right place!!…

Android Fake SMS in Eclipse

In this post you will learn to make a fake sms android app using java. You can use this app for duplicating messages, playing prank with friends etc.I am not  responsible for the wrong use of this application in any manner :P….