Game AI using and Synaptic : PART 1

Hey, whats up! Long time writing a tutorial. So here is small series on game development & AI. Not a big game, but enough to get started on your own. Make sure to download the complete project.

Also in the next article, I will be adding an Artificial neural network to this game, so that, it can play on it own.


I was searching for a web based game-dev framework and found Phaser to be a perfect find. Frankly, it is smoother in rendering game objects.

Getting Started:

Here is the basic structure of a Phaser game.

index.html :


If you want to know more in depth about the specific inbuilt functions, refer to this thread.

Now I will be breaking down my game_logic.js into smaller parts, give you a brief overview.

Part 1:

Sprite sheet

Sprite sheet

Part 2:






That is pretty much it. I guess, this covered all the functions related to the game. Now in the next section, I will brief you about integrating AI into this game.

Also, make sure to read the getting started & start your first game section from phaser. (It is not that boring :P)

So inorder to run this game, you need to host it in a web server.  I personally use JetBrains WebStorm IDE which handles this. Also, make sure to run this game on chrome.

Happy coding!