How to Improve the speed of Ionic App using Crosswalk : Part 3

Web Apps are really useful when you don’t depend much on Native Features . The best feature is its portability and simplicity. But yes it does, have some drawbacks. The main issues being Lag and Size.


You can really make out the difference in performance, when using native apps and hybrid apps. So what could be done to improve this.

Crosswalk :


Crosswalk provides Android developers a bundled Chrome webview for their projects, resulting in better performance. When i used it on Foodkart v0.3, it definitely paid off.

Crosswalk comes with a downside . Your Android app size will increase substantially.  (~15Mb) :0

The performance of crosswalk on android can be measured using the Octane Score.

So let me just walk you through the process of integrating it :

When installing the new app, make sure to uninstall the older version of the app.

You can also see there detailed instructions here.

Login Register Tab Position :


In order to get the Login, Register tabs at the bottom of the page, we use the $ionicConfigProvider.

In the app.js add the following config.

Coming Soon:

  1. Ionic Native Transition :