Ionic Firebase Shopping Cart: Part 2

This is my 2nd tutorial in the tutorial series, “Getting Started with Ionic Firebase“. This is a continuation of the Part 1, where i implemented Login, Register and Profile sections of FoodKart V0.3. If you find it useful, then please make sure to subscribe and follow me on Git for the latest updates and releases.


I this tutorial i will discussing on how, i implemented Grid Menu, Cart and Orders sections. Feel free to contribute to this project to end up, having your name in the about section of our app.

So lets start cooking!

Menu :


  menu2.html [The Food Menu Page] 

  controller.js [ menu2Ctrl ] 

  services.js [ sharedCartService ] 

In the Part 1 of this series, we have seen a cart icon on the navigation bar and also the Sliding Menu Drawer. We had created a additional controller ( indexCtrl ) for manipulating those sections. Now we will see the indexCtrl in detail.

Index :


  controller.js [ indexCtrl  ] 

Cart :


  myCart.html [ Users Shopping Cart ] 

  controllers.js [The container] 

Check Out :


  checkout.html [ User checkout page ] 

controller.js [ checkoutCtrl ] 

Now finally the last section, ie the Order Status.

Last Orders [ Keeps track of Order status and Past orders] :


  lastOrders.html [ The order list ] 

  controllers.js [ lastOrdersCtrl ] 

This concludes the major section of FoodKart.

I have integrated crosswalk, improving the speed 3x. Will be discussing the technical tweaks in the next section.

Please make sure to subscribe and follow me on Git.

UPDATE 28-12-2016: (Video Tutorial)

UPDATE 05-11-2017: (Ported to Ionic2)

Project Link: