XMPP BASICS : part 1

XMPP ( Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol ) It is a Real time communication protocol. The first IM service based on XMPP was Jabber.org One XMPP binding is BOSH. Others include TCP and WebSocket. BOSH is “Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP”, a technology for two-way communication over the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). BOSH emulates many of…

Ionic XMPP chat Client using Strophe.js: Part 3

Now lets start building our very own chat client. Please make you have gone through my previous articles. If you are new to Ionic Cordova, please look into my introductory post. Now let us start building the main screens….

converse.js with openfire

XMPP chat in Ionic Cordova (Setting chat server in local host): Part 2

This is a complete tutorial series on how to build an XMPP chat client in Ionic Cordova. As this is a hybrid platform you can easily port this application to Android, IOS and windows. This app can even runs on your browser. So lets get into it. We basically need a server and a client….

PHP: Library management system

This is an overview of a Library Management system build using PHP. The basic functionalities include adding Bookcase such as ‘bedside bookcase’ or ‘hallway bookcase’, with shelf count and capacity adding books to the bookcase deleting Bookcase (puts the books to the heap) Your profile info…

Ionic HTML5 Basic concepts

What is Ionic and Cordova? Ionic builds on top of Cordova. Apache Cordova takes care of packaging your HTML5 app as a native app that can run in Android, iOS, and other platforms. But if you simply take an existing website and package it as a mobile app the result will look nothing like a…