How to build HTML5 Shopping Cart app using Ionic Cordova : Part 4

This article will discuss on, how to  Implement a shopping cart app using html5 cordova.Here i will give you the basic overview on, how i implemented  product listing in my FoodKart App. Later in the Part 5 of this series, i will show, how the entire application was implemented. If you find it difficult to…

How to use Git on windows [Simple]

It took me some time to get used with git. Here i will explain in simple, the steps used for creating a git repository and uploading your local project folder to git hub….

How to build HTLM5 app using Ionic Cordova: Part 3

This tutorial is in reference to my earlier tutorial on How to design html5 app using ionic cordova. Also refer : Ionic HTML5 Basic concepts Here we will basically build an android app using the html5 design made using ionic app creator….

How to use navigation drawer & tabbed activity in Android Studio

New to Android Studio? Want to know how use Navigation drawer activity or Tabbed activity in your Android project. Don’t know where to start for Androids materialistic design? Then you are in the right place!!…