How to build HTLM5 app using Ionic Cordova: Part 3

This tutorial is in reference to my earlier tutorial on How to design html5 app using ionic cordova. Also refer : Ionic HTML5 Basic concepts Here we will basically build an android app using the html5 design made using ionic app creator….

How to use navigation drawer activity in Android Studio

[This post was updated on 13-03-2017 ] We will show you the correct way of creating navigation drawer in android . 1.  We will deal with error cause by : onFragmentInteraction 2. Set a drawer element selected by default. 3. Change toolbar title based on active fragment….

Online Chat Application in java Netbeans

This is an overview of an online chat application build in java netbeans. The app connects to remote database and enables us to chat with online people. This can be considered as a class 12 project. And this is clearly not the way, a real time chat app is implemented. But it will give you…

How to design HTML5 app using Ionic Cordova : Part 2

In this post you will learn, how to basically design an html5 app using ionic . Later on in the next article you will also learn to integrate cordova so that you get the functionalities.This can be exported to other platforms like android, ios etc. Also refer : Ionic HTML5 Basic concepts…